Shinzen Young @ Google Tech Talks – Divide and Conquer, Untangle and Be Free

In the Science of Enlightenment series Shinzen Young mentioned that one of his dreams is to teach meditation at ivy leagueIvy Plus” universities, like M.I.T. I’m not sure how far Shinzen had accomplished that dream. However, just recently, Shinzen had the opportunity to share his approach to mindfulness meditation to a bunch of geeky Googlers at the Googleplex. It’s not M.I.T. but the geekiness atmosphere is there. Below is the video.

Big thanks to Chade Meng (aka the Buddha in the Googleplex) for making this happen. I hope that someday Shinzen’s approach and style of teaching meditation be taught in universities as part of the humanities, health, and science departments.

Thanks, Shinzen! Today, Google Talks. Tomorrow, TED Talks… moment by moment, just this…

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