And we shall call him… Optimus

we shall call you... Optimus

I’m a utilitarian when it comes to stuff, especially cars. The last time I bought a car was 12 years ago. It was my first car. His name is Mitsu. I still drive it. He’s been my faithful road buddy ever since. He’s been good to me. He protected me from accidents, and still in top condition. If it’s just me, I’ll keep him until he turns to dust. But the reality is that he can no longer serve my our needs as a family. With the addition of our little buddha we soon need a baby-friendly ride. So out we went yesterday to finally get our dream car.

We’ve been eyeing the 2010 Toyota Prius for some time now. I’ve been reading reviews, looking at pricing, all the while salivating. That’s why it didn’t take us long to decide to drive off with one from the dealer. We ended up buying a 2010 T0yota Prius IV Hybrid (with a cool Blue Ribbon Metallic color). I picked the Prius IV package because of the solar sun roof and navigation options.

I was nervous buying a new car. I’m no longer used to paying monthly car payments. But we bit the bullet because of our need for it and, of course, to spoil ourselves after working our asses off. Fortunately, we got a really good deal on the base price. Considering the additional options, we got it for about $1K less than invoice (based on the TMV Pricing via Edmunds). Sweet.

The next thing for me to do is to RTFM (read the friggin’ manual) and watch some 2010 Prius hybrid driving tips so I can start driving our new car with ease. With its 51/48 MPG rating, I’ll be spending a lot of joy riding with this rock star of the hybrid world. My wife loves it and I’m sure that our little buddha will appreciate the smooth, safe, and environmentally-friendly ride.

We like to name our cars. We treat them as if they’re our friends. So from this day forward, we shall call our new road buddy… Optimus.

P.S. Here’s a fan video I made just for the heck of it.

P.P.S. Here’s a good review from CNET.

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