2,742 posts = Six Years in the Rabbit Hole

Six years already? Yes, I’ve been blogging my heart out for six years now. Seems like a lifetime in cyberspace.

Last year I had 2,703 posts, so I only added 39 posts this year. That’s an average of 3.25 posts, per month! In previous years that was my average, per day! So I definitely slowed down with my blogging, and switched high-gear on (hyper)streaming (case in point: I currently have 8,626 tweets and counting.)

So does this mean I’m losing my passion and compassion with blogging? I don’t think so. The passion and compassion that drives this blog is still there, it was just channeled into this section of my site -> http://www.c4chaos.com/hyperstream

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I’ll be reserving my blog for longer posts–more focused distillation of ideas, information, and opinion. For those who are following my blog, you’ve noticed by now that my focus this year is my Open Practice. This is because my (meditation) practice became central to my life this year and for years to come. Thanks to Shinzen Young, Daniel Ingram, and my friends at Buddhist Geeks. I believe that I have found the teacher I’ve been looking for all these years.

Also, this year is one of the most memorable for me because ~myDakini and me are expecting to have our little buddha soon. So expect me to switch my focus to parenting starting early next year. In fact, I’ve already started 🙂 This year was also my first time to vote. And I’m glad that the guy I voted for won. And oh, I’ve decided to get rid of my public speaking phobia too, so I joined Toastmasters.

From a bigger perspective though, this year has been full hardships for a lot of people due to the financial crisis, housing foreclosures, health care issues, continuing wars, swine flu scare, and natural calamities around the world. But as much as I empathize with those, I’m also grateful for all the blessings and lessons I continue to receive in this lifetime. Thank you for your attention and time.

May all of us be safe, be healthy, live with ease… and may Happiness be.

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