Open Practice: Matrix Code Visualization

I just came out of my evening sitting meditation. My main practice is Vipassana so I don’t normally do visualization techniques, but I tried to do one anyway. Since it’s the eve of Easter, I tried visualizing the mythic image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I projected the image on my mental screen. The image kept fading, popping in, popping out. It would then shapeshift into grotesque images–a monster, a vampire, a ghoul, a temptress, an axe murderer. The scary images gave me the chills but I persisted visualizing the radiance of the Sacred Heart while noting the rising and falling of the breath. But still the image was quick to fade in and fade out. Then all of a sudden the image of the Matrix code dominated my mental screen.

Matrix Code Visualization

I spontaneously visualized the Matrix code moving through my body and all around me, as if I were the character Seraph in the movie. I thought to myself, Now, this is cool! It was more stable than the Sacred Heart, yet more dynamic. So I stayed and grooved with it. I visualized the room and my body being made up of character codes each of them expanding and contracting as they move and shift directions. As I was meditating I realized that I just discovered a visualization technique that works for me. I’ll call it Matrix Code Visualization.

Soon as I finished my meditation I analyzed why the Matrix Code Visualization suits me. Here are a couple of reasons:

1) The Matrix has many meanings. Although the Matrix storyline is a mashup of different religious and mystical symbolisms, the Matrix code is secular. It also appeals to my geeky nature.

2) The dynamic movement of the Matrix code is an excellent metaphor for the micro scale level of impermanence. It’s easier for me to be aware of the waves, vibrations, expansion, contraction, flow sensations while visualizing it. It’s a good complement to the Focus on Change technique.

So I’ll continue to use the Matrix Code Visualization technique and see how far it would lead me down the rabbit hole. If you feel like it, give it a try and let me know if it works for you too.

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