There is no leaf.

As I was falling asleep I continue with my “noting” meditation, being mindful of the “rising” and “falling” of the breath. In a few moments I became aware of high vibrations and a high pitch sound that seem to permeate throughout my body. I focused my attention on the rising and falling of the breath… until I slip into a different state of awareness…

I am floating and falling in a black expanse. I can’t see anything, just the sensation of moving through the darkness. I continue to fall and float without a sense of direction… I’m disoriented and afraid.

I find my naked body swimming underwater. I keep swimming and swimming. I sense a man following me, swimming with me in the water. I’m annoyed by his presence. I try to avoid him by swimming away as far as I could. I fly out of the water, until I’m up high in the air. I look down at the scenery. It’s beautiful. I can see the land, the river, and greenery. I zigzag in the air and land on the ground.

A woman approaches me. She seems curious about what I’m doing here. A plant catches my attention. It seems to glow. I touch it. I feel its texture. I’m intrigue how realistic the plant is. I’m aware that I’m dreaming but the plant looks and feels so real. I pluck a leaf and put it in my pocket. I want to take the leaf as a souvenir when I wake up to the real world.

I woke up. I looked inside my pocket. There was no leaf.

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