Changing Colors of U.S. Politics

changing colors of U.S. politics

It’s election day. Here’s my prediction: a mandate for Obama. I’m being ballsy but still somewhat conservative with my guesstimate. Out of my remaining respect for McCain I didn’t give Arizona to Obama. But even that is still up in the air.

Once the election is over, we have a lot of work to do. As we head our way to the climax of this historic election, I’m deeply filled with gratitude to have been a part of this great experiment. This has been a gaint leap in American democracy.  It makes me proud to call myself a Filipino-American and then some.

UPDATE: 11/04/2008, 6:40PM PST – w00t! Obama wins Ohio! That’s it. Hello, President Obama! Hello, Vice President Biden!

UPDATE: 11/04/2008, 9:05PM PST – And here’s the historic acceptance speech (see transcript).

UPDATE: 11/05/2008, 7:57AM PST – It’s an awesome feeling to wake up in the morning knowing that the world loves our President. Here’s to President v44.

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