Swallowed my blog in a single gulp!

Typepad had been good to me in all my five years of blogging. But it’s time I take full control of my online presence. WordPress is the better choice (e.g. themes, plugins, open source, interface). And there’s nothing like tweaking my own site.

My readers might be wondering why it took me so long before I made the switch. I have no excuse but sheer laziness and procrastination. I’ve been delaying the inevitable for two years now, but it only took me a couple of days to complete the transition.

I chose DreamHost as my web hosting service because it has everything I need at an affordable price (much cheaper than what I was paying for Typepad all these years). It took me less than 10 minutes to sign up and get WordPress running. I spent most of my time picking the right WordPress theme, and tweaking it to my liking. I wanted it to be simple yet flexible. Thank goodness for Simplr.

[A note on RSS subscriptions: If you’re reading this on a RSS reader, you can check out my new design here.) If you’re subscribed to my Feedburner feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/C4Chaos) then you don’t have to do anything. But if you’re subscribed to my old Typepad feed, then I request that you update your RSS reader with the new feed URL.]

But the transition is not without its drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that all my permalinks in the past five years will soon be dead links. If you’ve linked to my entries in the past, my apologies for the inconvenience. My Typepad account is paid for until December. After that all the Google ranking I’ve built up would vanish in a heartbeat. I would’ve been able to preserve the permalinks if I had mapped my Typepad blog to my domain. But hindsight is 20/20. So I’ll start again from scratch. I’ll work my way up on page rank. Then leave the rest to my Google karma.

This transition also marks a shift in my blogging. In the past weeks I noticed that I’m blogging less and micro-blogging more, via Friendfeed and Twitter. Then I read this ReadWriteWeb article about the future of blogging. That sealed the deal for me. I realized that I’ve been doing more “lifestreaming” than blogging way back before lifestreaming was hip. I needed to integrate the two. Hence, the new streamlined design. You’ll notice that I’ve incorporated my Friendfeed feed. I’ve grown to love Friendfeed like I love Flickr.

Lifestreaming is a buzzword nowadays. Services like Friendfeed and Socialthing make it easy to aggregate trails of our online activities. However, we don’t actually stream our “life.” What we stream are snippets of our awareness–our personal and social experiences, and any story on the internet that grabs our attention. We share our awareness with our unique self-expression in our quest to build psychic capital online. So I think a more accurate description is awareness streaming, or consciousness streaming. But those terms are not as cool as lifestreaming. So I’ll just call it (hyper)streaming, where “hyper” can be any aspect of our consciousness that we stream.

So starting today, my old tag line–“blogging with passion and compassion“–is now replaced with (hyper)streaming with passion and compassion. It’s still the same blogging, but with passionate and compassionate streaming!

To all new readers and visitors: Welcome! I appreciate you stopping by. Please stick around. Get to know me more by perusing my archives. I hope you enjoy my musings.

To all my long time readers: Thank you very much for your time and attention all these years. I have enjoyed every digital bits of our interaction. I hope you continue to find this humble online presence meaningful. I’ll do my best to stay true to my original intention: share my thoughts and reflections with passion and compassion. You’d be glad to know that I followed my own advice and swallowed my blog in a single gulp!

Here’s to more (hyper)streaming ahead. Kick ass be still.

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