Virulent and dangerous right wing–the most unpatriotic of all Americans

When I said that Vincent Bugliosi got bigger balls than Scott McClellan, that was a gross understatement. The fact of the matter is that, Bugliosi got bigger balls than McClellan and mainstream news and print media, combined! Why? The answer to this question can be found in the acknowledgment section of Bugliosi’s latest book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Here’s an excerpt.

"What is recommended in this book is, as the title says, the prosecution of the president of the United States for murder. Although America is supposedly a free country, with freedom of speech and expression becoming our most cherished constitutional right, a considerable number of establishment people in this country–including many of the biggest and most powerful publishing houses in America–made it clear that even though they completely agreed with what I was saying in the book and recognized its potential in the marketplace, the book was something they did not want to have their name connected with. (Two law professors, liberal at that, were afraid to even look at the book.) In other words, the publishers’ fears trumped money. Having cold feet, their essential position was that the book, as one publisher put it, was "too hot to handle." I understand their position, and I don’t criticize them for it. But that doesn’t mean I’m impressed with them, either.

"Why all the fear? Its because of what this nation has become in the last twenty years, particularly the last eight. A nation whose virulent and dangerous right wing–the most unpatriotic of all Americans, and about whom Barry Goldwater said late in his life, "Don’t associate my name with anything you do; you’ve done more damage to the Republican party than the Democrats have"–have transformed us into a country where many everyday Americans, for the first time ever, do not feel 100 percent comfortable and safe. And most humans yield to fear, even curry favor with those who cause it. When you have a very decent and honorable man like Mario Cuomo being sufficiently intimidated to say, "I respect Rush Limbaugh," an uncommonly loathsome individual (if I may be so presumptuous, Mario Cuomo does not respect Rush Limbaugh. how would that even be possible?), that one example among countless others reflects the shadow of fear, no matter how small, that has now descended on a once great nation.

"Out of this miasma of fear emerged a man, Roger Cooper, the publisher of this book, who loved America enough and had enough courage to step up to the plate and say, in effect, "No matter what, if America is ever to become the nation it once was, this story has to be told.""

I started reading the book last night. The more I read it the more I’m disappointed with current
state of news media, partisan politics, and especially the talking points on the U.S. presidential election debates on foreign policy.

I said this before and I’ll say it again: The debate shouldn’t revolve around the surge. The debate should go back to first principles! And, surely, Obama has the upper-hand on this. As Larry Hunter had exemplified, enough with partisan loyalty and follow your principles and moral compass!

But don’t despair fellow Americans. Our mainstream media may be paralyzed with fear, but the Canadians got our back.

"For Windsor businessman Jim Shaban, investing in a documentary based
on an explosive book by famed U.S. author Vincent Bugliosi could open
the door to Hollywood.

"I jumped right in because this would be the catalyst, this would be the door opener," Shaban said.

"This would get me in the door in Hollywood. If someone is going to buy the book to read this, they’re going to see the movie."

"The book appeared to have everything going for it — author
Bugliosi, who successfully prosecuted Charles Manson and subsequently
wrote Helter Skelter — had three of his 11 books reach No. 1 on the
New York Times bestsellers list. Earlier this year, he won the
prestigious Edgar Allan Poe award for best fact crime book for
Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,
which is being turned into a miniseries at HBO.

"But since
Bugliosi’s latest work, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
(Vanguard Press), was released six months ago, it has been virtually
ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S, said Peter Miller,
Bugliosi’s literary manager.

"We were blacklisted from the media for about six weeks," said Miller.

publicists "had arranged originally for Vanity Fair to do a story on
this, and Vanity Fair dropped out," said Miller. "Then Newsweek was
going to do an essay, and at the last minute they dropped out. The New
York Times has not reviewed this book." [read more]

Looking forward to this documentary. Meanwhile, the political media circus in the U.S. rages on…