FriendFeed is the Ultimate Troll Kolektorâ„¢

I remember way back in the early days of Zaadz (now Gaia Community), I dreamt of a feature I dubbed, Troll Kolektorâ„¢. Pardon the negative connotation. I blame my lame sense of humor.

Anyway, I’m glad to say that we have this feature on Gaia, with privacy settings of course. It’s called Gaia activity. You can check out my Gaia activity here — As you can see, I’ve got nothing to hide 🙂

However, the more I use FriendFeed, the more I realize that FriendFeed has become the ultimate Troll Kolektorâ„¢ I’ve been dreaming of. With it’s cross-service aggregation, rooms and search feature, it has exponentially increased its value as a social media go to site. Not only I can aggregate all my activities from different sites, but more importantly, I can search my own activities and my friends’ activities.

For example, if I want to recall all my bookmarks, tweets, comments, and posts about "post-american" stuff, I can simply search my own page.

And if I want to check out what my blogging buddy Bill is reading about neuroscience, I can simpy search his page.

Very cool.

Serendipitously, there’s a post on Mashable asking, Could Social Media See the End of Google’s PageRank? Interesting. But I prefer to see these services developing in parallel rather than replacing the other. Yet some people already made FriendFeed their homepage.

As for me, I rarely click the home button but I do have a FriendFeed button on my browser. Same banana. This just means that I’ve grown to love FriendFeed.

The bottom line: If you’re into social media and you’re still not using FriendFeed, you’re missing out BIG time. That said, feel free to add me. I still love collecting trolls 🙂

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