Four-Way Debate On Energy and Global Warming @ Larry King Live

I watched a four-way debate on Al Gore’s speech on Larry King Live last night. Among the panelists, John Stossel struck me as smug. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video here.

Anyway, one important solution that gets buried in these alternative energy debates is the idea of efficiency.

"Modern society uses natural resources extremely inefficiently. What’s
wrong with that? For one thing, many resources are non-renewable — for
all intents and purposes they aren’t being made anymore — so it makes
sense to use them sparingly so they last as long as possible. And as
for renewable resources, many of them—trees and fish, for example — are
being used faster than they’re being renewed. Depleting resources in
this way is an unsustainable proposition, with potentially grave
consequences for society as well as the environment.

"Furthermore, using more resources than necessary to do a given
job often indirectly causes other problems, which have a way of
snowballing. For example, the more fossil fuels we use, the more we
contribute to climate change (global warming), which most scientists
now agree is a real and worrying phenomenon. But that’s not all. Using
more oil increases the risk of catastrophic oil spills, makes consumers
more vulnerable to embargoes and other disruptions, and requires more
money (and possibly lives) to keep the supply lines open." [read more]