Canada {Hearts} Obama

Here’s another case in point that perception is everything.

"OTTAWA, June 30 (Xinhua) — The U.S. Democratic
presidential candidate Barack Obama surpasses Prime Minister Stephen Harper to
become Canadians’ favorite politician, according to poll released Monday.

"The survey, conducted by the Strategic Counsel in the
United States and Canada, showed that in Canada, Obama was more admired than
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and any other national leader." [read more]

And this is true not only in Canada but also in Germany. And I would guess in other European countries as well. In short, Obamamania is a worldwide phenomenon. From a geopolitical perspective, this should count for something. That’s why McCain and Obama are campaigning abroad too.

"The McCain-Obama matchup is “not a traveling roadshow to be shared with foreigners,” said David Ignatius in The Washington Post,
but the world “cares passionately about where America is heading,” so
maybe it should be. The two candidates should consider Dubai’s offer to
host a presidential debate. Iraq, Iran, and Mideast policy are a big
part of this election, so why not debate them in the region?"


This positive image of Obama is proof that he is looking more of a fit leader (at least image-wise) in a Post-American world. Of course, delivering on his image as a post-american president is another story that we can only look forward to.

To all my Canadian buddies, Happy Canada Day!

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