Bugliosi is Kicking Ass in the “Imperial Presidency” Hearing

I’m currently watching the “Imperial Presidency” hearing on C-SPAN right now. This is very serious stuff. Activists are getting kicked out of the hearing. There are Left and Right political posturings. Lotsa smokescreen arguments. Blah, blah, blah, mahna, mahna.

Why the mainstream media is not even covering this no longer surprise me. But I’ve got to hand it to Vincent Bugliosi for being outspokenly ballsy. Here’s a video snippet from the hearing. Hint: It’s not the WMD, stupid!

Here’s to taking the Iraq war debate back into first principles.

UPDATE: CNN’s coverage of the hearing is a cop out! This
hearing is very important and all CNN managed to do was end the report
with a quote from Trent Franks! “amuses our terrorist friends greatly”
Talk about excellent journalism! For those who are interested with the details,
follow me into the dark side of the rabbit hole – http://bit.ly/2IgWwo

UPDATE 2: Hats off to Countdown with Keith Olbermann for giving some media attention to “Imperial Hearing.” Olbermann interviewed Presidential candidate Bob Barr (yes there are two more presidential candidates in this election, the other one is Ralph Nader). MSNBC showed snippets of video of the hearing including a snapshot of Bugliosi, but disappointingly, there’s no mention of his book and his passionate accusations on George W. Bush during the hearing. Even NBC is not (yet) ballsy enough to put Bugliosi on highly-rated mainstream TV program. Go figure.

For more videos on the “Imperial Presidency” hearing proceedings, check out this rabbit hole -> http://bit.ly/CF6zE