The $2 Trillion (and counting) War

With all the debates on health care and the economic cost of global
warming, I find it ironic that the U.S. (specifically the GW Bush
administration) has spent $2 trillion (and counting) on the biggest
blunder ever: the Iraq war. Here’s Bob Herbert lamenting on this fact in his NYTimes op-ed.

"The war in Iraq will ultimately cost U.S. taxpayers not hundreds of
billions of dollars, but an astonishing $2 trillion, and perhaps more.
There has been very little in the way of public conversation, even in
the presidential campaigns, about the consequences of these costs,
which are like a cancer inside the American economy." [read more]

How come Republicans, Democrats, and citizens are not outraged enough to do something about this? I don’t know. No wonder Kucinich is calling for Cheney impeachment.
I wonder what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would do about this
should either of them win the 2008 Presidential election. Who knows?

In the meantime, politicians continue to do battle on the economic cost
of (universal) health care and global warming while the U.S. budget
bleeds into a black hole of the Iraq war. It’s a "Mad World" out there.