Show me the (Global Warming) Money!

Here’s the kind of reasoned skeptical argument I prefer to hear on Global Warming. I think John Tierney made an excellent point regarding people’s paranoia when it comes to Global Warming Payola. Here’s a key quote.

"If readers insist on debating the pecuniary motives of scientists
and their patrons, I’d be curious to see figures comparing how much
money corporations, foundations and government agencies today give to
global-warming skeptics versus how much they give to the other side.
Again, I’m not suggesting that the researchers taking this money are
corrupt, or that scientists will suppress the truth if it turns out the
current prevailing view of climate change is wrong. If contradictions
emerge, scientists will debate and revise their theories eventually.

"But it will take longer to figure out what’s happening if dissent is
stifled and skeptics are demonized. The skeptics in the minority start
off with a disadvantage in getting their message heard simply because
of the media’s bias for bad news and horror stories. When there’s a
well-financed majority dominating the public debate, I find it odd to
hear complaints that anyone else should receive money or attention." [read more]

See also Tierney’s notes from the Global Warming Skeptics’ conference. As always, follow the links within the links for more context.