Relax, It’s Only a Recession, Not a Black Swan

Yep. Looks like the U.S. is heading towards recession alright.

See Freakonomics: The Latest Data: Yes, It’s a Recession

(image via Freakonomics)

Economists and the Federal Reserves are scampering over the "end of the good times." Expect more "stimulation" from the government.

"For months, policy makers and Wall Street economists have been
predicting, and hoping, that the aggressive series of interest rate
cuts by the Federal Reserve would keep the economy growing, despite the
housing bust. But the possibility seemed to diminish almost by the hour
on Friday."

Economists doing the predicting… I wonder what Nassim Nicholas Taleb is thinking right now. Damn you, Gaussian Bell Curve! Damn you!

Anyway, don’t panic. Its just a recession. Be thankful it’s not a Black Swan.