Hillary Clinton is Still in the Race

Hillary Clinton makes a comeback by winning Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. Obama and mainstream media are downplaying her big win (Obama is still leading with delegates).

"Sen. Obama was expected to maintain his significant lead in delegates,
in part thanks to the Democrats’ allocation rules that tended to favor
him, and make it hard for Sen. Clinton to win enough to catch up.

"The ultimate verdict could be rendered in coming days
by superdelegates — the party leaders, members of Congress and
governors who can vote for whomever they want. If enough decide that
Sen. Clinton can’t win the nomination, and that the increasingly
contentious rivalry could hurt the party’s ultimate nominee against
Sen. McCain in November, a critical mass of superdelegates could throw
their support to Sen. Obama. Amid yesterday’s voting, superdelegate
Carol Fowler, South Carolina’s Democratic Party Chairman, announced her
endorsement of Sen. Obama.

"Sen. Obama started the day with 1,386 delegates to
1,276 for Sen. Clinton, according to the Associated Press. Neither can
lock up the 2,025 necessary for victory with only the pledged delegates
up for grabs in the remaining primaries and caucuses. That makes the
795 superdelegates potential kingmakers." [read more]

But one thing is for sure: this race just got more exciting. It’s not over ’till it’s over. See Clinton’s victory speech in Ohio.