EXPELLED on Judgment Day

Looks like the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (featuring Ben Stein) is gaining some traction. Thanks to Bill O’Reilly pimping out the movie. Ah well…

I don’t agree with Intelligent Design proponents but they are free to do propaganda on behalf of their beliefs, same as Dawkins is free to do his Root of All Evil? documentary.

However, instead of ranting like PZ Myers.
I’ll be more than happy to watch this movie to see how people in the
theater would react. Also, it’s better to see the film first-hand
before offering a detailed critique (based on the movie’s presentation).

For now I have only seen the trailer
so I can’t make a detailed informed opinion. However, based on the trailer
I can already see how the ID proponents (like Michael Behe) are being
presented as "victims" of the scientific establishment when in fact, in the Dover trial, the main reason that ID lost its case is that they don’t have scientific evidence and research to back up ID. So to look at ID proponents as "victims" is very misleading. From the point of view of the scientific community and the legal system, ID simply doesn’t have a scientific case to be taught as science. End of story.

I suggest that people watch the PBS documentary Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial before feeling sorry of the ID proponents. There are B sides to every story. But there’s a good reason why ID got expelled on Judgment Day.

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