Data is the New (Hyper)Links

Straight from the Father of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. (via Techcrunch)

""I think, it is a very grown-up thing to realize that you are not the
only social networking site… otherwise it is like a website which
doesn’t have any links out. In the Semantic Web similarly, if you don’t
have any links out, well, that’s boring.

"In fact, a lot of the value of many websites is the links out.

"Now if you look at the social networking sites which, if you like, are
traditional Web 2.0 social networking sites, they hoard this data. The
business model appears to be, “We get the users to give us data and we
reuse it to our benefit. We get the extra value.”

"So, first of
all, are they going to let people use the data? I think, the push now,
as we’ve seen during the last year, has been unbearable pressure from
users to say, “Look, I have told you who my friends are. You are the
third site I’ve told who my friends are. Now, I’m going to a travel
site and now I’m going to a photo site and now I’m going to a t-shirt
site. Hello? You guys should all know who my friends are.” . . . So,
the users are saying, “Give me my data back. That’s my data.”" (read transcript here)

Exactly! So don’t be lazy; link. Don’t be greedy; share.

Thanks to Chris G. for the heads up!