Bjorn Lomborg @ Skeptical Inquirer

Chris Mooney is disappointed with Skeptical Inquirer for publishing Bjørn Lomborg.

"I was very disappointed to see, when my latest issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine arrived, that it had an article by Bjorn Lomborg in it–downplaying the risk of global warming, as usual."

Here’s a comment I left on Mooney’s blog post.


thanks for the heads up on this.

i remember an article by E.O. Wilson lambasting Lomborg.

however, depending on what camp people fall on the Global Warming
debate, Lomborg’s book fills a void in the spectrum of the "deniers"
and "alarmists" debates. for example, here’s a favorable review of Cool
It on spiked.

in short, it’s a battle of ideologies out there and Global Warming is no exception.

in addition, it’s sad when i hear surveys like this:

"If only the masses could understand the science of global
warming, they’d be alarmed, right? Wrong, according to the surprising
results of a survey of Americans published in the journal Risk Analysis
by researchers at Texas A&M University."


finally, i’m interested to know your opinion on Lovelock’s doomsday view.

"Climate science maverick James Lovelock believes catastrophe is
inevitable, carbon offsetting is a joke and ethical living a scam."

so can you blame lay people getting confused on this issue?