Noah’s Ark for Zaadz

via USA Today:

"A doomsday seed vault on a remote Norwegian
island in the Arctic Ocean opened Tuesday, creating a bank of more than
100 million seeds representing every major food crop on Earth.

"The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is meant to be a
Noah’s Ark for plant genetics. At 4 degrees below 0 F, it will preserve
the thousands of regional and local crop varieties farmers worldwide
have bred for thousands of years.

"Were war, disease, plague or global warming to wipe out any one species, it could be replenished from the seeds stored deep in the permafrost of the mountain vault."

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For those who believe the literal truth of Noah’s Ark, then this story is another proof of how history repeats itself. For those who believe the metaphor, this story is very fitting.

I won’t be surprised if there’s already a "Noah’s Ark" for *genes.*

Btw, for those who don’t know, ‘zaad’ is Dutch word for seed. Very serendipitous.