Ken Wilber Riffs On the Singularity

Here’s a video of Ken Wilber talking about the Singularity.

In this video Wilber talks about different levels of consciousness and how each level would interpret the Singularity differently. But the first step, of course, is get to know what the Singularity is. Ray Kurzweil laid out his vision in the book, The Singularity is Near.

From the perspective of psycho-social development, I think Kurzweil and Wilber would have more in common than differences. For example, in his own utopian vision, Wilber agrees with Kurzweil that “virtually all material wants will have been vanquished by nanotech.” When it comes to longevity, I think Wilber is in agreement with Kurzweil too. Wilber’s health condition is a case in point. He depends on a number of medication and supplements (as well as his practice of meditation) to counter the effects of RNase Enzyme Deficiency Disease.

As someone who is very interested in integral theory,
transhumanism, and technological singularity, I would love to watch a
conversation between Wilber and Kurzweil and see their points of
agreement, as well as disagreements. Wilber is excellent at mapping out
the interiors but when it comes to
mapping the exteriors of technology, Ray Kurzweil kicks butt.

Speaking of singularity and longevity, check out Aubrey de Grey on The Colbert Report. I love the part where Stephen Colbert made fun of de Grey’s beard. What’s up with that beard anyway?

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