It’s Super Duper Tuesday!

It’s already late night here in Ireland and I’m still following the latest news on Super Duper Tuesday.
So far no results yet. The world is watching this election. Here in
Ireland the news networks have their eyes on the U.S. presidential
primary. In the Republican race, the news networks here are already
saying that McCain would likely win the nomination. However, in the very
tight Democratic race, no political analyst dare to make a call on who’s
going to win the majority of the delegates.

(Note: For those who want to follow up-to-the-minute Super Tuesday updates, Super Duper Tuesday @ MSNBC is a good site to go.)

In the meantime, a number of my respected personalities have already publicly endorsed Obama just in time for Super Tuesday. Here are some of them.

Lawrence Lessig: 20 minutes or so on why i am 4Barack [Obama]

Harold Varmus endorses Obama

Dilbert Blog: My Prediction for President

Brian: Yes We Can

It’s very tempting to get carried away with Obamamania. The guy is on a roll. But I’m sticking to my wild-ass Super Tuesday Speculation: Hillary Clinton would win most of the delegates today, but the race won’t be over ’till it’s over.

We’ll know soon enough. But I’m getting sleepy so I’ll just go back to bed, read a book by Jared Diamond, and wake up in the morning to see whether my gut feeling is correct, or whether it sucks. Exciting times.

UPDATE @ 11:45PM: Clinton wins California. Clinton looks past Obama. At current delegates tally: Clinton 521; Obama 437. My spider sense continues to tingle.