Clinton ESTJ, Obama ENFP, McCain ESTP

According to a Slate article which analyzed the personality types of the leading Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton is an ESTJ (Guardian; "The Supervisor"), Barack Obama is an ENFP (Idealist; "The Champion), and John McCain is an ESTP (Artisan; "The Promoter"). No wonder I groove with both Clinton and Obama. I’m both idealistic and pragmatic when it comes to specifics.

For example, I like grand theories and inspiring rhetorics but I get bored with them without real world concrete applications. All things being equal, I learn more towards Idealists. But I’m skeptical of Idealists when confronted by the real challenges in a less than idealistic world of warring ideologies. That’s why I’m torn between Clinton and Obama. For me, the perfect candidate would be someone with the charisma and rhetorical flare of Obama and the experience and attention to details of Clinton. John McCain is a good candidate, but a Republican having similar Myer-Briggs type with GWBush is a bad sign.

So allow me to repeat my bold speculation. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination would be the next President of the United States. And that’s good enough for me, for now.

Thanks to Holons for the heads up!

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