10 Reasons Why I’m a House M.D. Junkie

(House art – serendipitously snapped from an art exhibit in Sligo General Hospital in Ireland)

House M.D. is crack! For the past couple of weeks I watched it every night before I went to sleep. Last night I’ve finished all episodes (Seasons One to Three on DVD).
That’s 72 hours of programming (including the bonus features)! This
makes me a bonafide House M.D. junkie. And I’m proud of it. Who
wouldn’t? House M.D. is the most intelligent and funny medical drama

Here are 10 reasons why watching House M.D. is not only
entertaining but also informative, and most importantly,

1) Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor. I want to hug him and whack him on the head with his cane at the same time. Not many actors have that cognitive dissonance effect on people.

2) Three letters: M.R.I. – One more reason to avoid implanting metal objects and having tattoos on our bodies.

3) Lumbar puncture sends a tingling sensation up and down my spine.

4) Reminder of impermanence
and physiological intelligence – The cool CGI effects in each episode
reminds me how intelligent the human body is. Diseases remind me how
fragile life is.

5) Differential diagnosis is more of an art form than science. The best way to understand how diseases work is through metaphors.

6) Everybody lies.

7) House refers to God as "imaginary friend." Cracks me up every time.

8) Watching House is like witnessing the voices in Big Mind.
House is the Controller, Fixer, Skeptic, Innocent Child and the Damaged
Self. Dr. Wilson is the Protector. Dr. Cuddy plays the Controller and
Fixer. Dr. Foreman, Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron are the Skeptics and
Innocent Children. And most of the time Dr. Cameron and Dr. Wilson are
the voices of the Big Heart — they are the conscience of House.

9) You can’t always get what you want. But breaking into patients’ homes would get you what you need.

10) If I get sick with a rare disease I prefer a mad doctor like House to treat me. But I’d like a hottie doctor with good bedside manners during recovery.

Bonus question: Is death a symptom or a disease? I say both.