Obama and Huckabee Sprint to the Primaries

The 2008 Iowa Caucus is now history. Obama and Huckabee celebrate their
victory. I watched and compared their victory speeches. When it comes
to eloquence, charisma, delivery, projected authenticity and
presidential electability, Obama trumps Huckabee. See for yourself:

Obama’s Iowa Caucus victory speech

Huckabees’ Iowa Caucus victory speech

Joe Klein is right:

"That day has now come, at the highest level of American politics. A
black man with a dangerous-sounding foreign name trounced his opponents
in the nearly all-white state of Iowa. And he did so because, after
spending months getting to know him, the people of Iowa stopped seeing
his color and began to admire his character. In an election where the
word "change" became an almost meaningless talisman, Iowa’s triumph
over race is a message to the world about the real nature of America —
and a ratification of Obama’s belief that this will be an election year
where everything is on the table, where all the conventional wisdom can
be tossed aside, where anything, including decency, is possible."

As for Huckabee, he may have the support of Evangelical Christians (and Chuck Norris)
to back him up as he race to the primary, but his incessant appeal to
the Religious Right irks me (i.e. invoking the Creator in his victory
speech). I simply, don’t {heart} Huckabee. And besides, I don’t see
anything fresh or bold about him (or any of the other Republican
candidates). I’m already tired of all the religious intonation of the
current Republican administration. I too long for change. Should
Huckabee win, I’m afraid that his religious rhetorics would make
America look more like a Christian congregation than 21st century super
power nation.

But it’s not only about religion why I’m choosing to vote Democrat
in this election. It’s about the war in Iraq, environmental issues,
climate change, energy policies, health care policies, and immigration.
I prefer a bold, intelligent, charismatic, eloquent, entrepreneurial,
secular, and green President. I’m convinced by Steven Kirsch’s analysis on who should be our next President:

"I spent a lot of time researching the candidates. I limited my analysis to the Democratic candidates because I want us
out of Iraq now (which eliminates all the Republicans) and we need a candidate
that takes global warming as a top priority (which again eliminates all the
Republicans as you can see from this chart of
Where the
candidates stand
that was put together by the League of Conservation voters."

In the Democratic race, I’m still awaiting how Edwards and Clinton would perform in the primaries. According to Kirsch, Edwards is the right choice because
of his policies and his leadership qualities. Unfortunately, the
media’s attention is on Obama and Clinton (even if Edwards is second
place in the Iowa Caucus
). In any case, I’d throw in my support to
whoever wins the Democratic nomination (even if it’s Hillary). But for
now, I’m rooting for both Edwards and Obama.

Should Obama eventually bag the primaries and win the Presidential
election, my first time to vote as an American citizen will be part of a
historical shift at the highest level of American politics. Exciting
times to be alive, indeed.