Iowa Hocus Caucus

Presidential candidates are now sprinting to the finish line of the Iowa Caucus.
Personally, in this presidential election, I don’t resonate with any of the
Republican candidates. Most of them are too conservative in their
policies and their public expression of religion for my taste. With the exception of McCain, they even dance around the definition of the word "torture." Give me a break! So I’m leaning more towards the Democratic party.

I’m still torn on who to vote for. I like Obama’s character and
charisma. I respect Clinton’s political experience. I have a soft spot
for the soft-spoken Edwards and his policies. But truth be told, I would
more likely vote for someone like Kucinich
because he strikes me as the boldest yet most embracing of the
Democratic hopefuls. Too bad he doesn’t stand a chance in the Iowa
Caucus, so he’s throwing his support on Obama instead:

"I hope Iowans will caucus for me as their first choice … because of
my singular positions on the war, on health care and trade," Kucinich
said. "But in those caucus locations where my support doesn’t reach the
necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make
Barack Obama their second choice."

That said, even with Kucinich’s endorsement of Obama in Iowa, I’m still
undecided. So I’m carefully reading Steve Kirsch’s essay, Who should be our next President?

Why do I care about what Steve Kirsch has to say? Who the heck is Steve Kirsch anyway? Check out this article about Steve Kirsch on the NYTimes.
To make the long story short, Steve Kirsch thinks like an engineer and
a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. I admire how he tackles problems. He did
a good analysis on George W. Bush (who was running for President at the time). And I like the way he analyzed and compared the policies of the top 3 Democratic candidates, putting more focus on Global Warming and Iraq.

Kirsch’s conclusion is to vote for Edwards. He has 19 arguments to support his choice. Here are the first three:

1) "He’s the strongest candidate on climate change. Climate change is
the most important issue in our planet’s history. We must make a dramatic
greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by 2020 and we must help (and convince) other
countries to follow our lead. We must start phasing in
significant reductions by 2012 and ideally sooner."

2) "All three say they will
end the war in Iraq; but Clinton and Obama voted against setting a deadline to
get out of Iraq in 2006!

Clinton and Obama are followers on other top issues such as Iraq. See
The Iraq Funding Bill example
for the best example of how they were afraid to express their views on
ending the Iraq war, even waiting to see how other Senators voted before
they voted."

3) "Edwards is the best on healthcare.
Only Edwards has a
plan that will cover everyone. Obama’s doesn’t. And Hillary has so far just
suggested reducing the power of insurance companies and
computerizing medical records! Hmm…. tough choice. See this May 30, 2007
Boston Globe editorial for
details on the plans from all three candidates:
Obama’s incomplete health plan – The Boston Globe"

Read the rest of the 19 arguments and see if Kirsch would change your mind on who to vote for. His arguments definitely made me thinking. Too bad he didn’t include Kucinich in his analysis (because Kucinich is not on the top 3 Democracts). But I think Kucinich responded well to Kirsch’s question on Climate Crisis.

In the meantime, Christopher Hitchens delivers a timely political tirade on the mass media and The Iowa Scam, and rightly so.

"The process might be a good way for Iowa to pick its party convention
delegates, though I frankly doubt even that. It is an absolutely
terrible way in which to select candidates for the presidency, and it
makes the United States look and feel like a banana republic both at
home and overseas."

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