Tony Blair is now a Roman Catholic

I’m still technically a Roman Catholic (of the non-practicing variety). But for some reason, I feel repulsed by Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism. I’m not sure what his political (or personal)
motives are for his conversion, but I think this is a step backward on
the image of Blair as a world centric progressive leader. I’m not
saying that a Catholic has no potential for being a great leader (JFK
comes to mind). But I question someone of Blair’s caliber converting from one religion to another instead of moving towards a more world centric expression of his religion, or even being secular altogether.

Does Blair really believe in the Creed? The Sacrament of the Eucharist? The infallibility of the Pope? And all that jazz? Or is this just for convenience both politically and personally?

Maybe it’s just me and my bias against organized religions, especially
to a religion that continues to promote mythic ideas to its adherents.
But what about you? How do you feel emotionally and intellectually about Blair’s conversion to Roman Catholicism?

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