2007: End of Year Reflections in 7 Haikus

I miss the New Year celebration in the Philippines. Back there when the clock
strikes twelve midnight on January 1st you have to be prepared for a
very loud greeting — firecrackers (as deadly as
explosives) on the streets, cars honking, radios blasting, people
cheering. The mood is literally festive and ecstatic. Here in Ireland it’s completely the opposite. No wonder Bono sings "All is quiet on New Year’s

Anyway, it’s the time of the year when I look back to the year that
was. 2007 was a blast! I have so many things to be grateful for. I
thank the Divine for all the blessings and good fortune, as well as the
challenges that helped me grow. And special thanks to everyone who
continue to read my musings on this blog. Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you peace, love, happiness, and Divine discontent.

Now here is my end of year reflections in 7 haikus.

a new citizen
in this land of immigrants
shiny blue passport

flew back to Ireland
stood on the grave of giants
historic England

seeds growing into flowers
Zaadz is now Gaia

return to Boulder
coming into full circle
hanging with wizards

Chicago freeway
life is full of surprises
stuck in a tow truck

New Atheism
open-ended gut thinking
on Global Warming

Christmas in Ireland
with a promising New Year
still have no iPhone.