Super Colossal: Redshift Riders

(Crossposted from zBlog:~C4Chaos)

People say that instrumental music is good for you.
I agree. I like listening to instrumental music once in a while to
relax and pump up my mood. It’s cold and rainy here in the Emerald
City right now, so it would be overkill for me to listen to slow music. What I
need is something to pump up my mood. Good thing I’ve got Joe Satriani
to keep me company.

For those of you who like to listen to rock guitar instrumental I highly recommend checking out Satriani’s latest album, Super Colossal. I’ve purchased the album a year ago (see my review) and I’m still enjoying it. I even went to the concert to experience the guitar god first-hand. I was blown away, literally.

Case in point: Check out this video of Satriani playing Redshift Riders. Trivia: Joe Satriani is a sci-fi geek and a trekkie. Redshift are “light waves that come from
the nebula.” Redshift Riders is "…based on the idea that in the future, when people can travel
throughout space, they will theoretically take advantage of the
cosmological redshift effect so they can be swung around large planetary objects and get across [the] universe a lot faster than normal."  So yeah, try imagining yourself riding a light wave and
surfing your way around the Kosmos while listening to this music. The
experience is exhilarating 🙂

Here are some more music from the Super Colossal album performed live by one of my guitar heroes: