Curious Robot Maneuver = The Witness

Scott Adams just coined a psychological method called, Curious Robot Maneuver. Here’s how to do it:

"I have found that many bad moods are caused by a feeling of not
having control. People can put up with extreme hardship, climbing a
mountain for example, if they have the illusion of choosing to do it.
But even a little aggravation can make you nuts if you feel you can’t
avoid it.

"I have a fix for that loss of control problem. I call it the
“curious robot maneuver.” When things are not going your way, sit back
and change your frame of mind to one of curiosity. Imagine you have no
free will, and you are just a moist robot. Everything you have done and
will do is programmed. So there’s no reason to stress over your lack of
control in certain situations because you have the same degree of
control in ALL situations: none. What you do have is the capacity to
watch the show, and marvel as it unfolds. You have front row seats,
right behind your own eyeballs, and the theater is surround-sense. You
can actually FEEL the action!"

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Is it just me, or is this method just a fancy sci-fi version of Witnessing awareness?

I like the robot analogy though. Sometimes I look at my life and wonder whether I have a free will or I’m just being deluded that I’m in control of anything. It’s hard to tell the difference. So I just watch, do the serenity prayer, then sleep it off.

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