Blog Action Day! Ecology, Politics & Consciousness

Today is Blog Action Day! The theme is to post anything about the environment. Good thing I just finished reading the green issue of What is Enlightenment: Ecology,Politics & Consciousness. Check it out.

This is one of my favorite issues so far. Ross Robertson did an excellent coverage of a new breed of environmentalists called, ”bright greens” and analyzed their world views from an integral perspective. Here’s the blurb from the article entitled, A Brighter Shade of Green – Rebooting Environmentalism for the 21st Century.

have long seen the march of human progress as the source of our
planet’s ecological woes. But is Mother Nature really better off
without us? Meet the heralds of the next great environmental
revolution, who dare to say that the brightest promise for a radically
sustainable future lies in harnessing the power of human creativity—and
technology—to remake the world.”

Robertson narrated his
falling out with his old “illuminated hippie type” environmentalism and
how his views had been altered when he read the book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now. Thanks to Robertson it’s now on top of my to-buy list.

Recently, I cited the “green” article on the latest Zaadz Symposium. See Z3: Conscious Capitalism and (Bright) Green Business. It was my attempt to tie in conscious capitalism with a brighter shade of green business. Here’s a portion of what I wrote.

greens seek to understand technology, ecology, economics, design
principles and capitalism, and leverage them for solutions instead of
tearing down the systems in which we’re embedded. By this definition, my
views are very compatible with the bright greens. However, as Robertson
pointed out in the WIE magazine, the bright greens are somewhat

“According to Sterling at least, the
bright green paradigm will be one that is completely free of spiritual
or mystical overtones…. ‘If it doesn’t pass muster over at the
Skeptical Inquirer magazine, we don’t want to know about it. It’s not
that we’re going to pick big public fights with spiritually motivated
Greens and other illuminated hippie types. This is useless and a waste
of time. like beating up Quakers and Amish. We’re simply going to
serenely ignore them, the way everyone else does.’”

have no problem with this. After all, computers, nanotechnology,
nuclear, solar and wind power were created without spiritual or
mystical overtones. I’m not saying that we have to deny the spiritual
or the mystical impulse, but I think that, at this point in time, the
spiritual and mystical language should stay in the background or on a
different domain so as not to cause more confusion and stigma in the
business world. Similar to a separation of church and state. We can
honor the transcendent human values and reconcile them with the task at
hand. But I see no need to be too “spiritual” and “religious” about it.

Check it out and follow the links to posts by the other participants.

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That is all for now. Enjoy Blog Action Day! Stay bright, fluffy and green!

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