Al Gore and IPCC Bag the Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations to Al Gore and IPCC for winning the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (and high fives to all the 2007 Nobel Laureates! thanks for making this world a saner place).

– Former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations’
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace
Prize on Friday for their work to raise awareness about global warming.

a statement, Gore said he was “deeply honored,” adding that “the
climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual
challenge to all of humanity.”

This is a BIG win for
Climate Change proponents in particular and Green movements in general.
I don’t care what Al Gore says about his cause being “not a political
issue.” Everything is connected and politics can’t be avoided. And
besides, Al Gore’s world reknowned status would make the 2008 elections
in the U.S. more interesting 🙂

“Gore repeatedly denied he has any plans to run again, but this week a group of grass-roots Democrats calling themselves ”Draft Gore” took out a full-page ad in The New York Times in a bid to change his mind.

“Your country needs you now, as do your party, and the planet you are
fighting so hard to save,” the group said in an open letter.

“America and the Earth need a hero right now, someone who will
transcend politics as usual and bring real hope to our country and to
the world.”

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