Creepy Library: The New Atheists

I’ve been blogging a lot about the New Atheists
and sometimes criticizing them, but I think I’m being very partial
because I haven’t read any of their books. If I am to offer an
authentic constructive criticism, the least I could do is read what
they’ve actually written instead of just relying on the interpretation
of others. This way I can better understand where they’re coming from.
That’s why I got them all!

God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
Breaking the Spell by Daniel Dennett
The End of Faith by Sam Harris
Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris

post my reviews as I make the time to read them. I’m starting with the
book that has the least number of pages. That would be Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation. For what it’s worth, it would be a good exercise on critical thought.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to my reviews.

Review: Letter to a Christian Nation

Review: End of Faith

Review: The God Delusion: Memes, Moral Zeitgeist, and Spiral Dynamics

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