Gaiam(*Zaadz) = Seeds Growing into Flowers

Zaadz + Gaiam

It’s official. Gaiam (NasdaqGM: GAIA) is now the parent company of Zaadz. See the announcement on the Zaadz Team’s blog.

been amazing to see this idea come to fruition as over 85,000 of the
most passionate and inspiring people in the world have joined our
little oasis….. What’s even more amazing is that we’re not the only
ones with this vision—there are many (!) other businesses out there
with the same mission and the same drive. And so, in the spirit of
cooperation, collaboration, and conscious capitalism, I’m thrilled to
announce our merger with a few of these other mission-driven companies."

What does this mean for the Zaadz community? More "greening" and rapid growth! Sweet.

More "greening"  because Gaiam is the company that coined the term LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) and rapid growth because Gaiam is creating a unified LOHAS community by merging Zaadz, Lime and Conscious Enlightenment.

is Dutch for "seed." Gaiam’s logo is an "ancient symbol of the Flower
of Life." The metaphor screams of serendipity. The seeds are now
growing into flowers.

P.S. On a personal note, having
worked for Zaadz for more than a year now, I understand how challenging
it is to build and maintain a social network that is focused on a niche
area. Merging with a bigger company brings more stability to our team
and our community. There are other companies who could’ve possibly
acquired Zaadz, but I think Gaiam is a perfect fit since our mission
and vision are in alignment from the very beginning, not to mention
that Gaiam is founded by an uber-entrepreneur I admire: Jirka Rysavy (case in point: see his profile on

thrilled to be a part of this transition. But I just can’t shake the
dreamy feeling of why my destiny, so far, has been intertwined with
bald guys living in Boulder. We’ll see how deep this rabbit hole goes…