Uncle Scott Likes Paris Hilton

Scott Adams goes on record that he likes Paris Hilton.

have to confess I like Paris. I’ve never heard a report of her being
mean. She works when she doesn’t need to. She has a sense of humor. And
she knows how to enjoy herself. That’s more than most people have to
offer the world. And we’ve all done our share of boneheaded things. If
you think about it objectively, her career depends on being fascinating
to millions of people. She probably does that better than
whatever-the-hell you’re doing and calling a career. I’m glad she’s out
of jail so she can go back to the important work of entertaining me.”

He even devoted two blog posts about it. See Irony Storm.

was also wondering how much economic value Paris has contributed to the
world. If you put a price on the advertising budgets that support the
media coverage she generates, plus her TV show, her movie roles, her
magazine covers, I’ll bet the dollar value of her contribution to the
world is in the billions. Those billions generate taxes that go to
important social services such as feeding the poor and protecting our
soldiers. And don’t get me started about the tens of millions of
masturbators who appreciate her. You can’t put a price on that.”

I think Uncle Scott has some good points there. Although I’ve seen Paris Hilton being mean to Bart Simpson.
And she’s uber-famous here in Europe! Gah, there’s no escaping her
media clutch. I blame the media and the people who can’t get enough of

Case in point: This Paris Hilton YouTube
video spoof now has 7 million views and counting! And Paris Hilton is
not even on the video! Just a mere mention of her name catches

As for me I don’t like Paris Hilton that much but I don’t dislike her
either. People squirm at her for being a party girl. But what they
probably don’t know is that Paris Hilton gets paid to show up at
parties, somewhere around $20K just for showing up, so I’ve heard. So,
who’s stupid now?

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