I-I + Zaadz = Free ILP Stuff

For all you integral junkies who are not subscribed to Zaadz: Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism newsletter, here’s something that might interest you:

Zaadz, Integral, and something for you.

"We know. Integral
theory has a bit of a reputation for being heady and academic (though I
think it’s safe to say that we’re proof that the concepts and practices
don’t have to be too intellectual :). Instead of going on about the more theoretical side, though, we have the opportunity to give you a sneak-preview
of a forthcoming book from Shambhala Publications that shows how
integral thought can help support, in a practical way, all areas of
your life."

"If you visit this page, you’ll be able to download, for free, the first few chapters of "Integral Life Practice: How to Design Your Own Training Program for Body, Mind, and Spirit." It’s a great introduction to setting up an ILP—a
practice that includes all components of human development, from the
physical to the spiritual and the personal to the collective. It’s a
neat idea: you get to learn what integral means by living it, not by
getting lost in theory. "

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