Steve Pavlina Says: You Seem to be Overanalyzing

LOL. Finally, Steve Pavlina (i assume it’s the real Pavlina) took the bait.

Hah! Like I said previously, if you want to get to know the blogger, don’t just analyze the blog, get to the source and ask the blogger questions.

Check out Pavlina’s reply on Joe’s blog. He seems to be well-versed in integral lingo too. Now go ahead and overanalyze him some more 🙂

Steve Pavlina says: “You
seem to be overanalyzing. Why hasn’t anyone involved in this debate
simply dropped me an email to ask my motivations for actions that
appear confusing? People in the integral community are taking a valiant
third-person stab at it, but wouldn’t be more intelligent to simply ask
me? Direct communication would give you a lot more insight than
distanced speculating. Last time I checked, I was still breathing. :)”

Here are more key quotes:

that my website gets about 2 million visitors a month – with people at
all different stages of development. That’s very different than talking
to a room of 50 integrally minded people.

"If I write only for
the highest stages, which I could do, I’ll help only a small fraction
of my audience. I believe that would be an enormously suboptimal
strategy if the conscious development and expansion of all is our goal.
For most people it will be way over their heads – no impact whatsoever.
At best it will only make them aware that there is something out there
they aren’t ready for yet. But why not assist people where they are?

I do not hold to the perspective of a fixed stage when I write articles
or recommend products. I intentionally shift between different
frequencies of the integral spectrum when I write. Sometimes I’ll even
blend the viewpoints of different stages into the same article, which
is probably why people have such trouble classifying me from my
articles. A 5-minute face-to-face conversation would be much more
enlightening. The reason I write from different stages is because it’s
far more effective than writing from a single stage. I can assist a lot
more people this way, not just those who are very close to me in their
path of development.”

"When I’m one-on-one with someone, I adapt to their level of awareness.
A blog, however, is a one-to-many communication medium and doesn’t give
me that option. The size and diversity of my audience is a mixed
blessing. Some of my readers are incredibly aware, while others are on
the verge of suicide. Do you think a depressed person is helped by
telling them about concepts like states, lines, and stages? Not
remotely. But an article about how to get out of bed in the morning can
do wonders for them, and it will get them started on a path of
conscious growth. I cast a wide net with a variety of different
articles to bring more people into the fold. I see it as being a
"fisher of men."

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Well said. The personal development bodhisattva is kicking ass as he should 🙂 So how about inviting him over on Integral Naked for a dialogue fer Chrissake?!

Thanks to Integral Options Cafe for the heads up. For a quick background of what this is all about, check out this post on IOC.

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