Zaadz Questions and Reflections = Quickie Self-Inquiry

Zaadz: Questions and Reflections

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

That’s the first question on the new Zaadz feature, Questions and Reflections. It’s Brian‘s favorite question. He even wrote a manifesto about it.

you’re a writer, or if you keep a journal, you can use the questions as
your writing prompts. As a blogger, QaR is my new favorite feature on
Zaadz. I’ll be using it as my daily blogging prompt, as well as a
personal tool for a quickie self-inquiry. The best thing about this
feature is that, it is also a tool for social inquiry. I can use it for
self-inquiry and to expand my perspective by looking at
others. Here’s how to use it.

You need not be a Zaadz member to benefit from this feature (although it would be cool if you’d join us :)) Just check out the question and reflection for the day.
Reflect on it. Answer it on your blog, your journal, have a
conversation about it with your friends, or take a mental note and
incubate the question into your subconscious and wait for it to bloom later.

Questions and Reflections is the first of the many Zaadz Grow
tools that Zaadz will be offering to its community members. More on
this later. In the meantime, Zaadz just also released a collection of Newsletters. From there you can subscribe to a number of topical newsletters, from inspirational quotes, to sweet-looking timely Zaadz updates, and including a QaR newsletter so you can receive the day’s question in your email inbox. Neat.

So, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Let me count the ways