What’s your dream job? Describe it.

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This question takes me back to my Dilbert days.
You see, I’ve been working in the Information Technology (IT) field
since I graduated from college. I’ve worked with different companies,
teams, projects, and clients. I’ve been making good money, but that
wasn’t enough. A 9 to 5 job is a good means to make ends meet but if
you do it long enough, it kills your mojo. And it almost killed mine.

I remember writing this poem late one evening in my office cubicle while I was doing some crazy overtime hours.

Oh my daemon where art thou?
Rescue me from this prison cell
        of botched dreams and cubic hells,
That I may labor with inspiration,
        not with blind desperation,
That I may feel pleasure in spite of pain,
never again to toil in vain,
That I may find my lasting passion…
and long for purpose no more.

That longing had been answered when I got hired by Zaadz. Since then, all I can say is that, this is the first time in my working life that I can authentically say that I love my job!

Seriously, I’m not sucking up. I mean it. Allow me to count the ways…

– There’s focus, purpose, and meaning to what we’re doing.

– The philosophy of the company is aligned with my own personal values.

– It’s the most democratic place I’ve worked at.

– I get to interact with the most inspired community every day.

– I get to work with the most amazing team every day.

I get to work from anywhere there is Internet connection. This means I
can hang out and peoplewatch in coffee shops while working.

– I don’t have to drive to work, thus reducing my carbon emission. This means that I get to work from home,  in my underwear.

– I can blog every day without hiding from my co-workers and worrying about getting dooced.

– I’m now using a Mac 😉

Having said that, I have another dream job.

One activity I love doing is taking photos. Somehow the world seems to stop whenever I have a camera in my hand. I enjoy capturing colors, movements, people. It’s a good witnessing practice too, because “the most important factor in your photography is: you.”

always wanted to have a gig as a traveling photographer and share my
perspectives with the world through my camera lens. I want to come up
with a signature technique of taking photos with minimal photo
manipulation. I want my photos to speak for themselves and trigger
self-inquiry to all those who would see them. I imagine having an
exhibition someday. My first theme would be impermanence. This photo would be one of them.

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