What Kind of World Do You Want?

Jon Ondrasik (aka Five for Fighting), one of my favorite artists, asks this question:

What Kind of World Do You Want?

My answer: I want a high-tech world wherein our humanity is still in tact. I want a world where we see ourselves as stewards of the environment rather than conquerors. I want a world where we are taught to explore the depths of the Kosmos as well as ourselves. I want a world where everyone is aware of this Inifinite Game we are playing.

Speaking of Inifinte Game, here’s a video of Paul Hawken at the 2006 Bioneers conference.

Biology, Resistance and Restoration: Sustainability as an Infinite Game

"The brilliant author/entrepreneur/change-maker Paul Hawken encourages
us all to embrace a new type of "infinite game," one without losers
that supports the future of life and a re-imagined world of growth
without inequality, wealth without plunder and work without

So, what kind of world do you want?