~Omni-Peephole: First 20 Minutes of The Secret

I still haven’t seen The Secret. Not really too crazy about it. The genius of The Secret is in the repackaging of ancient wisdom as well as its timing.

I believe that there’s some truth to the Law of Attraction. To me, it’s just an elaboration of The Golden Rule
applied to the mental sphere. What I’m uncomfortable with is throwing
it around like some secret Gospel. That’s a gross over simplification, imho. Thoughts DON’T exist in a vacuum of our own subjectivity. Inter-subjectivity counts.

But hey, if it works for people,
good for them. However, you’ll have more chances of manifesting the
reality that you want if you practice the positive attitude AND
do the hard work at the same time. Then realize that you don’t always
get what you want, but you get what you need. And that everything is

Thanks to Julian for the link to the first 20 minutes of The Secret 🙂