Steve Pavlina: Lessons from 1/5 of a Millionaire

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Is Steve Pavlina awesome or what?!

who say they want to become a millionaire but are unwilling to back it
up with hard work are only fooling themselves.  It’s not going to
happen by itself.  If hard work is a dirty word to you, don’t bother.

the great thing about this goal is that it’s achievable.  People in far
worse positions than you have already done it.  It’s hard but
definitely not impossible.  If you accept this, it becomes something of
a game.  You don’t have to fear failure because you’re expected to
fail, and that makes success all the more exciting.”

“After some
serious soul searching, I gave up on the idea of becoming a millionaire
for myself.  I just didn’t want it badly enough.  If I did I’d have
done it years ago with my computer games business, which I believe
was entirely capable of getting there.  I felt like a dolt for dropping
this goal, but I also felt a sense of relief about the whole thing.  It
freed me up to focus on more important priorities like service and

it was the decision to put contribution ahead of wealth that led me
full circle.  Eventually I realized that becoming a millionaire could
dramatically enhance my ability to help others.”

via: 5 Wealth Lessons from 20 Percent of a Millionaire