Kronos: Momentary Adversary

Props to the Zero Boss for giving me an excuse to post my old cheesy poem(s)…

Momentary Adversary

trapped in a prison
i can’t break free,
everywhere i go,
it goes with me,

whatever I do
i’m being watched,
wherever i turn,
it goes for the catch,

neither the rich
nor even the poor,
can ever escape,
beyond its door,

even denial
cannot do,
freedom’s an illusion
i wish was true,

is there a place
beyond its door,
or just empty hopes
from ancient lores?

no point to struggle,
just go with the flow…
Time is a friend,
and not my foe.

Tale of Anamnesis 

‘How far have we gone since the creation of man?’
Asks the curious son to his beloved old man,
‘What an int’resting question,’ as he gathers his wits,
‘Let me tell you a tale and let’s see where it fits.’

‘Most of us know the story of Evolution,
How we started using tools for work and for protection,
From the basic unit that we call Family,
We learned the value of forming Society.’

‘But society will not be without Communication,
So we included Language as part of Education,
As we learn to speak and write our ideas,
Civilization blossomed across different eras.’

‘From the Glory of Greece to the Dynasties in Asia,
To the Grandeur that was Rome and the Wisdom of India,
Mankind battled for the splendor of Conquest,
Be it North, be it South, be it East, be it West.’

‘A time when Empires dominate the kingdom,
Brave new souls fought for Honor and for Freedom,
As mankind struggled for new territories,
They set up borders dividing the countries.’

‘As natural consequence of discord and separation,
The first World War sent masses to oblivion,
And when diff’rent governments fought for supremacy,
Majority of people adhered for Democracy.’

‘Our hearts were awakened and Slavery was abolished,
One of the greatest thing to be ever admonished,
Along came the outburst of Industrial Revolution,
At the forefront was Science, the Ultimate Foundation.’

‘With a blind belief on a quest for superiority,
World War II was a nightmare for the rest of humanity,
But in the midst of war Technology prevailed,
The power of The Bomb was finally unveiled.’

‘In time of the Cold War dreaded by nations,
Our search continues with Space Explorations,
“The Eagle has landed!” said the man on the moon,
Humanity was awed not a minute too soon.’

‘Gradually we mellowed in vigilant harmony,
Revolutions in Science overshadowed cacophony,
We shifted attention to our perennial goals,
To make life easier and to search for our souls.’

‘We learned to adapt much faster than before,
Everything was a blur, the past seemed no more,   
A Paradigm shift used to take generation,
But now in a lifetime there’s too much Information.’

‘And as we live in the age of the Atom Smashers,
Of Virtual Worlds and Networked-computers,
We continue to write the passage of history,
Portraying our roles in this majestic allegory.’

‘Truly we’ve accomplished such magnificent feat!’ 
Replies the inquiring lad as he rose to his feet,
‘We’ve gone so far from where we had started,
Do you have any idea to where we are headed?’

The old man pondered as he smiled to his son,
‘I wish I knew, but I can’t answer that one!,
All I can tell you is that we’re part of a Story,
And there’s no such need to end it in a hurry.’   

‘We can only imagine to where we are going,
As we learn to harness the potential of our being,
If we look with our eyes, we’re bound for Immortality,
Yet we’re not going anywhere… within the Tale of Eternity.’