iPhone: The Killer App is Making Calls

Smartphonies and Crackberries, your days are numbered. This time, Apple Inc. got it right. I’m still salivating after seeing Steve Job’s Keynote. The cat is out of the bag: iPhone is here. Check out the video of the iPhone introduction.

been waiting for a device like this for a long time now. Good thing
Apple chose Cingular/AT&T because GSM is the bomb! And I have a
Cingular/AT&T account already. Man, that brand is very confusing.
Anyway, I’ll probably wait until the early adopters tested the iPhone
out in the open. But I’ll head out to the nearest Apple Store in June
just to touch one and get over with my tech-fetish.

NOTE: Check out Engadget for a detailed coverage of Macworld 2007.

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