~C4Chaos Cosmos @ ManorMeta

Ok, before I get started, let me get this out of the way: I’m a freakin’ newbie on Second Life. There. I’m still feeling my way around and learning how to interact with other residents and the dynamic virtual environment.

left Help Island in a haste so I could explore more. But I didn’t know
where the heck to start exploring. Since I’m a curious male in real
life, and it’s very easy to find such places (e.g. if you go to the
locations menu it would show up on top of the list, ahem), I found
myself exploring an adult club. The club was a busy place. Very well
built. It’s good to see that trading of goods and services is well
alive in Second Life. I dig the music and the dance moves. In fact, I
did some dancing on the side too.  And man, they really do get (virtually)nekked
in there.

But since the club was so busy, the lag time on my
MacBook Pro became apparent. So after satisfying my curiosity and
figuring out how to get from one location to another, I went to a place
which was recommended to me by one of my Zaadz buddies over at pods.zaadz.com/secondlife. The place is called ManorMeta.

teleported to ManorMeta and started looking around for kindred souls.
Unfortunately, I didn’t met anyone during that time so I just kept on
exploring the place.

Wow! That place is amazing!
Those people who built it are uber-creative! It’s very colorful, artsy,
and a pleasure to explore. The music and the aura of the place is very
soothing. Very fluffy.

I would love to explore more but it was already getting late in real life. So I concluded my first visit to ManorMeta with a virtual meditation session. Check out the screenshot below. Now if we could only hook up Wild Divine into Second Life… that would be the next level I guess 🙂

think I’ll make ManorMeta my home base from now on. It will also be my
training ground as I get more familiar with Second Life. So to all the
ManorMeta residents and veteran SL explorers who are reading this,
please take me as your student 🙂

~C (for Cosmos is virtual)

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