Andrew Cohen On Enlightenment

"I’m actually starting to enjoy this! To be honest, I hardly ever even
surf the web, and some of my students had to convince me (at gunpoint )
to start this blog. Reluctantly, I agreed… and now I’m glad I did.
Indeed, there is so much to say, and it feels like I’m just getting

It’s good to see Andrew Cohen getting bitten by the blogging bug. On his latest blog post, Andrew  reflected on his idea and experience of enlightenment. I like his new tone a lot. His writing seem more authentic this way. His voice seem more personal. His sense of humor is shining through.

"In those early days, because of what was happening in front of my very
eyes on a daily basis, I thought so many people would become
“enlightened” as a result of spending time with me that pretty soon the
world wouldn’t know what had hit it! It all seemed so easy, so
immediate, so effortless… As absurd as it sounds, I even remember
wondering why the Buddha forced people to meditate in order to get
Yes, those were heady days…"

It’s good to see that he’s using the blogosphere to shed some transparency of his authenticity as a teacher, and as a human being. His blog is now open to comments (their comment policy is reasonable enough). He’s responding to constructive criticisms from his readers. He’s now hyperlinking a lot too. Yep, that’s the way to do blogging 🙂

Andrew’s latest gesture in the blogosphere is a good start. It’s another venue for him to express his understanding of enlightenment, to teach his idea of enlightenment, to reflect on his past and his future, and to tell his side of the story. While this may not result in his detractors easing up on him, Andrew ought to continue with his authentic blogging, for himself, for his students, and for those who want to understand the man behind the guru.

On his future blogs, I want to see Andrew talking about and doing some jazzy drumming 🙂

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