Ask a Question, Change the World?

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August Bebelplatz Berlin

(via WIRED: Ask a Question, Save the World)

Germany – For more than six hours here on Saturday, in the middle of
the square best known for Nazi book-burning, 112 artists, activists and
intellectuals will answer the world’s most pressing questions as
submitted and rated by you, the internet community.

won’t be pretty. Seated at a round table the size of a helicopter
landing pad, they’ll be speaking over each other, all at once, into
video cameras instead of to each other. Every word will be transcribed,
translated and archived online as the seeds of a sprawling discussion
site operated by a Berlin-based group called Dropping Knowledge.

happens next, as with any true internet phenomenon, will be up to the
community. This Babelesque round table marks the opening of a
well-funded experiment in bringing protest, political dissent and
activism into the internet age. The group wants nothing less than to
create and sustain a new kind of global dialog, simply by prompting
people online to ask and answer the questions on their mind.

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it really change the world, or will it just add to the noise? For what
it’s worth, I think this event has a very interesting platform, concept, and goal. Check out the Table of Free Voices, ask your questions, and see what happens next.

Btw, don’t forget to check out The Drop – a weblog dedicated to social change.

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