The Sprouting of zPod:Philanthropy

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Etymology: Late Latin philanthropia, from Greek philanthrOpia, from philanthrOpos loving people, from phil- + anthrOpos human being
1 : goodwill to fellowmen; especially : active effort to promote human welfare
2 a : a philanthropic act or gift b : an organization distributing or supported by philanthropic funds

So I was doing my regular exercise routine at the gym this morning while listening to the latest Social Innovation Conversations podcast on my iPod Nano. The podcast was about a panel discussion on Strategic Philosophy. Here’s the blurb:

percent of all nonprofit services are funded by private entities–mainly
individual donors and foundations. From the Gold Rush to the last Web
2.0 ventures, philanthropists have refined their approach to giving.
The current generation of donors places the emphasis on the targeted
use of wealth toward systemic change to address specific issues while
providing expertise, building capacity, and rewarding effective

Check it out. It’s a must-hear.

remember when I was young, I imagine myself being uber-rich, so rich
that I could buy anything I want and at the same time help out the less
fortunate people in the society. Even at a young age I already had an
intuitive understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy
because in my vision, I saw to it the that me and my family have enough
security first (nice clothing, enough food, big house, cool car, etc.),
before I start giving away the “extra.” Oh what childish dreams.

in a while I still daydream about it. I ask myself what would I do if I
have enough money in the world to do what I want? Not suprisingly, I
always go back to my childish dreams: to share the wealth, and to help

In short, I’ve always been a wannabe philanthrophist.
Reality check: Right now, I just have enough to help my immediate
family and a small number of people.

I’m sure a lot of people out there also harbour this childish dream. But philanthropy is one thing, intelligent (think: non-idiot)
philanthropy is another. Philanthropy is not just about being
uber-reach and then giving your money to some organizations and all
will be well. Far from it. The bigger the philanthropic efforts, the
more intelligent it has to be, the more vigilant it has to be, the more
creative it has to be, the more passionate and compassionate it has to
be, the more integral it has to be. Anything less will not be sustainable and would just be a damn waste of money and effort in the long run.

Most people associate philanthropy with uber-rich people like the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Buffetts, the Gates.
That’s understandable because they are the trail blazers. They are the
big players. They are effective. They have results to show.

for us average people, let’s remember that the definition of
philanthropy is, “goodwill to fellowmen” through “active effort to
promote human welfare.” In this context, philanthropy is simply doing
good with whatever we have to offer to help other people. But our
intention of doing good is not enough. If we’re looking to make an
impact that would make a bigger ripple, we have to be well-informed.

many times have we seen television programs asking us to spend $5 a
month to help some poor kid in some country we don’t even know about?
How do we know if the money that we give to non-profit organizations
are being put to good use and not just to make the organizers look
good? What are the different organizations, foundations, groups that
have the best philanthropic models out there that actually work? How
does philanthropy in the real world actually works? What are the road
blocks? What are the lessons learned? How can we make philanthropy even

This the premise why I started a pod called zPod:Philanthropy

is a pod devoted to discussions about philanthropic ideas, theories,
models in general, and foundations, non-profit, and other organizations
in particular. Facts, hyperlink to facts and research, enlightened and
intelligent conversations about philanthropy will be the main contents
of this pod instead of ZERO-SUM debates.

purpose of this group/pod is to be the most passionately informed and
compassionately inspired discussion group/pod on the topic of
Philanthropy, to raise the awareness of not only the general public but
of our own awareness as well, so we can be the positive change we want
to see in the world around us.”

So if you have a
childhood dream of helping other people. If once in a while you
daydream of being the richest person in the world and spreading your
wealth. If you are already rich and want to share and promote your
philanthropic efforts or learn more about philanthropic efforts that
actually work. Or, if you’re like the rest of us who are average when
it comes to wealth but would like to help with whatever you can. I
invite you to join zPod:Philanthropy.
Let’s make this pod the most informative and intelligent cyber portal
on the topic of passionate and compassionate philanthropy.

“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.” – Andrew Carnegie