Voltes V, Zaadz Pod, and Kosmic Blogging Mashup

Serendipity just keeps on teasing me these days. I’m blogging this entry for posterity so that I can hyperlink to it someday whenever I want to establish context. So what about this Voltes V, Zaadz Pod, and Kosmic Blogging mashup? Here’s the story.

It’s no secret that I’ve been trolling up and down the Zaadozphere in the past couple of months. My Zaadz blogging even went exponential. Recently, Zaadz deployed an early version of Zaadz Pod wherein the first few Zaadz Ambazzadors could play around and do their stuff. As one of those Ambazzadors, I started a ZPod about something I’m passionate about. Zaadz Pod: Kosmic Blogging 101 (aka ZPod:KB101) was born.

I’ve built the ZPod one discussion board at a time. I didn’t have a hard time doing it. Everything just flowed because for some serendipitous reason I’ve written an essay on Kosmic Blogging a couple of weeks before. So I rip-mix-burned that essay and turned it into meta-pointing-out injunctions on ZPod:KB101. Sweet.

Just when I thought I was done with the structure of ZPod:KB101, serendipity hit me again. One day I was blogging about my Zaadz wishlist for a ZPod Dashboard. As most of my readers know, I’m fond of associating pictures or graphics to my blog entry. I was trying to be playful with the Zaadz Wizardz so I included my old Integral Naked avatar. Then something clicked when I saw my avatar again. WTF?! That’s just perfect!

So I moved over my IN avatar to Zaadz, uploaded it to Flickr and included the necessary comments, credits, and hyperlinks. You see, I ripped my IN avatar from my all-time favorite mecha anime called Voltes V. It remains to be the biggest and most influential cartoon where I grew up. It even got banned. Little did I know that I would rip-mix-burn it on a Zaadz Pod. Everything just make perfect sense. Little John Armstrong, a boy who created an octopod named Octo One; the fight of the Voltes team (Zaadzsters, Podwans) to defend the earth from invading Boazanians (interior solution to an external advancement); the Solar Falcon (blogging egos into cyberpsace and watching them grow to infinity…); Laser Sword (axe of compassion); Ultra Electro Magnetic Machines (Zaadz Pods); Volting together (social networking, hyperlinking); and many more Campbell-like mythical metaphors. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. I think I’ve already made my point.

So after that serendipitous discovery I started using Voltes V terminology for ZPod:KB101. The latest is Camp Big Falcon. I used it to honor the name of home base the Voltes Team. In their battles against the Boazanians, Camp Big Falcon is the only place where the Voltes Team can find solace and protection. That’s why ZPod:KB101:Camp Big Falcon is now a ZPod shrine. And as for ZPod:KB101, I dedicate it to Octo One. That lovable red, fluffy, playful, metallic octopod created by a boy named Little John.

NOTE: Credits on the above images go to Ivan Chen’s Choudenji Machine Voltes V Shrine. To those diehard Voltron (lions, spaceships, copycats) fans. If you’re a real anime fan, check out this classic anime. Don’t be a fool and think that Voltron cool. Chances are, Voltes V was already there even before your were born in this samsaric pool.