V for Vendetta and the Wannabe Artsy-Fartsy Elite (WAFE)

So I was trolling up and down the Dilbert Blog again… Scott’s last three posts are all about political stuff regarding how to decide on what’s constitutional or not. That guy always puts a comedic spin on serious topics and still make his point across clear. Well, at least for me. So I tried to return the favor by putting my own spin on it. Here’s the hole-pooper comment I left on the blog post, Mob Rule. (i hope it gets posted.)

i don’t do political debates because i’m not a politician. a lot of them are stupid lemon eaters but at least they’ve got balls to run for office, do something in the real world, and not yap about stuff on the Dilbert Blog. BOCTAOE.

but since we’re on the subject 66.7%. i’ll share with you how i decide whether to watch a movie or not. let me illustrate by example.

let’s say i want to see “V for Vendetta” today. i go to Yahoo! Movies and look at the reviews.

there are two ratings: The Critics (the artsy-farty elite), and Yahoo! Users (the clueless mobs who wannabe artsy-fartsy elite)

if the Critics rate the movie as “A” and the Yahoo! Users rate it is as “C”, then that means the movie is artsy-fartsy. i would only see it if it’s my artsy fartsy type of a movie (like Brokeback, ahem).

if the Critics rate the movie as “D” and the Yahoo! Users rate it as “A” then it’s probably a slapstick braindead movie. my kinda movie. so i’d still see it.

if the Critics rate it as “C” and Yahoo! Users rate is as “C-” (like that friggin Alexander movie), then i’d skip the goddamn thing and just read the Dilbert Blog.

but Natalie Portman is in this movie. so screw the Critics and the Yahoo! Users. i’m going to see the movie this weekend. and so are you.

p.s. the gorgeous bald-headed picture above is via Yahoo! Movies. speaking of bald, whatever happened to the premiere, Ken?! showoff.

p.p.s. will you look at that… VV (V for Vendetta) and VV (Voltes V). another serendipitous posting! hah! you going down VH! you goin’ down! blogs rule.

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